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Mr. NO

Mr. NO With His Own Words

I spent my youth in Canakkale by seasonably consuming natural products that contained no additives, upon which I developed my taste. When I came to the metropolis, I started to make poor nutritional choices like everyone else due to the busy pace of life. After noticing this, I made a promise to myself, and decided to pursue what is best, and to say “no” to everything that is unhealthy and tasteless. This is the reason why everyone began to call me Mr. NO.

I believed that top-quality and natural ingredients are the secret behind the best products. I rushed to Japan with my backpack to find the quality bread. When I heard that there was a new nutrition trend on the other end of the world, I jumped in an airplane and I ended up in there. I developed my own secret formulations by carefully picking up the freshest and the best quality ingredients from both my country and from the rest of the world.

I rejected harmful fats, preservatives and chemicals. I eliminated tasteless, unhealthy and artificial ingredients. I have been working day and night to be able to offer perfect products to those who trust in me.


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