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A first in Turkey!

Mr. NO Pita Chips

Pita Chips is a very delicious snack that is prepared by mixing and baking pita, which is a variety of light bread specific to Mediterranean geography, with spice and olive oil.

When the words ‘health’, ‘flavor’ and ‘snacks’ come together, what comes out is Pita Chips. Mr. NO Pita Chips is prepared by using fresh and top quality ingredients with a homemade taste. It contains no preservatives, additives or trans fats.

Pita Chips

You can eat Mr. NO Pita Chips with your favorite dip sauce, with your favorite cheese varieties or alone in its crunchy form. A delicious snack is the best friend of enjoying a movie or a TV series. Try it also with Mr. NO Humus series, you will love it.

Mr. NO Pita Chips is good at any time of the day!


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